4 Tips How to enjoy Prague as a digital nomad [2019]

Prague for digital nomads

Prague is soon becoming a top destination for digital nomads.

The city’s friendly cost of living and mild weather during the most time of the year are some of the reasons why its popularity is growing amongst long-period visitors.

Check out our tips for getting the best from staying in Prague while working remotely!

#1 Join the local community

Enter in the Facebook group Prague Digital Nomads and feel free to ask any questions you have about staying and operating your job from the city.

By asking in the online group or chatting with fellow nomads you can extract some really useful info before your trip or while already in the city.

#2 Meet other expats and/or travellers

Prague has a vibrant expat community!

Here are some of the tips for meeting other passionate remote workers or entrepreneurs:

*Weekly nomad meetups*

Just join here: https://www.facebook.com/events/522003304878687/

*Events organized by expats.cz*

– a large community of foreigners in Prague and other Czech cities

– check out these for some cool parties and trips 🙂

When in a new city on our own, getting to know other people during the first days can be very helpful and warm.

#3 Hubs worth visiting

As Prague is becoming a favourite place for people who travel & work at the same time, many expat-friendly venues popped up during the last years.

Make sure to check them out for some extra experience and also as a resource of news from Prague’s startup and entrepreneurship scene!

Visit these:

*Lucerna palac rooftop*

New town’s well-known cultural center where film festivals, concerts or alternative events take place, Lucerna now opened its terrace to the public.


This Holesovice’s quarter alternative hub offers some nice coffee, food and a lot of art in an unrivalled industrial space of an old factory. You can find upcoming events here: https://m.facebook.com/pg/vnitroblock/events/

*Port X*

A truly impressive local and probably one of Europe’s most innovative living concept of today lies on the bank of the river Vltava.

Definitely a cool spot!  

#4 Get some work done

That’s why you are here, right :)?

If you are looking for a coworking or a coffee to work from in Prague, make sure to check out Locco: an online platform and app that connect digital nomads with workspaces in coffee shops.

No paperwork, no hassle and no commitments. You simply pay for the time spent using the table and getting your things done.

Try Locco now and enjoy being a digital nomad in Prague!

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