Why on earth Locco?

Locco is all about bringing creative people together while also making an impact on the community as a whole. It’s local, simple to use, and convenient so you know each time you come, you are part of this movement to make work time more inventive and impactful!

Your Desk guarantee

Tired of first come first served? If you don’t want to wait in line* before we open you can easily make an advance reservation to guarantee your favourite chair is open for you. It’s completely hassle free less than 30 seconds in the app to confirm your space.

Seamless Sign In

With no commitment or membership papers, it’s never been easier to get to work! Just choose the desk you like most and check in using the simple barcode feature in our app. Pay as you go depending on what you want to accomplish each day. It’s as easy as sit, scan, and work.


You get the best of two worlds in one – both coffee shop and workspace. Not only can you grab your morning brew, you’ll find everything you need to get your work done smoothly.

Who is our workspace for?


Home-office worker
“You just have to change your working environment from time to time either you are chasing inspiration or just don’t want to freak out.”


The student
“I always found it stupid to consume stuff I don’t want just to enjoy the space. Locco is respecting towards my figure, my wallet and the mother earth.”


“I am exhausted from another payment for stuff I don’t need it because I have to work in café for a couple of hours between meetings.”

How it works?
It’s easy like 1-2-3!

Download the app

Filter venues by amenities

Book your desk’n’coffee

Start crankin’!


How do I pay?

LOCCO will automatically charge your selected credit or debit card. You’ll be charged based on the price of the slot in particular venue. We don’t accept cash but hey come on, it’s 2019, right?

How can I use the LOCCO spot?

It’s simple – you can work on your project, do your daily work, study or just read the book its completely up to you.

Will I get a receipt / invoice?

Yes, and it’s actually pretty easy. Set up your VAT number in the app and we’ll send your invoice through the mail. Your expenses are even tax deductible!

Who is it for?

Why not try it out? If you’re a freelancer or nomad, LOCCO is not only the most workplace outside the home, but it’s also a great place to meet like-minded, creative people. Plus, everything about the space is designed to foster productivity. When you come to LOCCO, you know you’ll be able to work smarter, not harder and achieve more in less time!